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Metal? Wie süß!

Da kommt man doch auf den Geschmack. Metal ist gar nicht so laut und so schlimm, wie uns immer gesagt wird. Was für eine entzückende Musik! Bloß das Outfit passt nicht so ganz…


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  1. 🙂 Heavy Metal isn’t really as loud and as bad as you think…Well,at least not all Heavy metal!!! Listen to this

    . A beautiful song with images of a beautiful movie. I use to like heavy metal, you know? Meguinha comes from Megadeth!!!And i still listen to some bands. Enjoy! Greatings from Portugal!

    • It should be loud indeed 😉 „Bad“ this is only a prejudice people have (I cannot find anything „bad“ in the music). The song you posted is really beautiful but I don’t think it’s typical metal, isn’t it? But I admit I do not really know much about this style of music. THX for the link 🙂

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